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Windows Server 2008 R2 Free Videos

Part 1: Configuring Addressing and Services

Introduction to IPHow to convert decimal to binary
The OSI Model
IPv6 Transition Technology
Configure DHCP
Configure Routing
Windows Firewall
10 IPSec

Part 2: Configuring Name Resolution

DNS Zones
DNS Records
DNS Replication
Domain Name Resolution

Part 3: Configuring Network Access

Configure Remote Access
Configure Network Access Protection
Configure Network Authentication
Configure Wireless Access

Part 4: Configuring File and Print Services

Configure a file server
Configure Distributed File Server (DFS)
Configure Shadow copy service
Configure backup and restore
Manage disk quotes
6 Configure and monitor print services

Part 5: Monitoring and Managing a Network Infrastructure

Configure WSUS
Capture performance data
Monitor event logs
Gather network data